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May 20th, 2018 – Sunday 2 to 4 pm

Death Cafe is based on a simple idea – that we can all benefit from having a safe and comfortable place to have a conversation about one of the things we all have in common, death.

A Death Cafe is not a support group. It’s a lightly facilitated event with no agenda and nothing being sold! It’s free to attend, with donations for the space accepted at the end.

Apparently tea and cake go really well with discussions about death, so there will be TEA & CAKE.

In the Works


Learning from Past Life Experiences

Whether they are “real” experiences, imagined stories, or something in between — this discussion is focused on exploring what we can learn from our past life experiences. Rather than delving too far into academic or esoteric deconstruction, we’ll treat these experiences as what they are in the here and now – part of the fabric of our current incarnations.

In that light, we’ll cover:

  • myths that cover up the complexity and power of these experiences
  • the variety of ways that past life information and memories come to the surface
  • pros and cons of seeking this information in these different ways
  • benefits these experiences can provide
  • some surprising challenges that can occur
  • tools, references, and resources for further exploration

We hope you’ll join us for this light-hearted and interactive discussion whether the topic of reincarnation is something you’ve been interested in for a long time, or just curious about.


TGIF Movie Night

Join us for movie night at the CEC as we watch Crop Circle Diaries, from Award Winning UFO Filmmaker Patty Greer.

Crop Circle Diaries weaves the wisdom, experience, evidence and science of the Crop Circle phenomena by 2 women who REALLY know Crop Circles! After visiting dozens of UK Crop Circles Patty Greer had a “Contact” experience in a 2007 formation that altered the course of her life forever. She learned to listen* (the secret of telepathic communication) and 8 movies were co-produced in record time; 10 years. She had no training or previous experience in filmmaking or UFOlogy whatsoever, and has visited more than 100 UK Crop Circles personally over the years She filmed what she saw that resonated, and all that took her breath away!

23 June 2018, Saturday – 9 am to 5 pm

Grand Opening

Come celebrate the grand opening of the Center for the Exploration of Consciousness!

Planning a day of events to potentially include:

  • Small group meditations
  • Intro talks on – Learning from Past Lives, Developing Intuition, Complementary and Alternative Healing Modalities
  • Open house and Q&A time
  • Partners and contributors session

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