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About Us

The Center for the Exploration of Consciousness was founded by Roger Oney in April of 2018 as way of holding space for wayshowers, explorers, pathfinders, seekers, and travelers of consciousness itself.

Operating from a small workshop and classroom space in Oak Park, just outside of Chicago — our vision is to provide a relaxed and safe environment where the local community can learn — and practice — mindfulness and heartfulness techniques to help them in their everyday lives.

Our Mission

  1. Hold Space for the Exploration and Experience of the Nature of Consciousness
  2. Assist Others with Attuning to Inner Wisdom and Guidance
  3. Promote Peace Through Times of Great Change

Our mission is to provide experiential learning and growth opportunities for curious and courageous explorers of both inner and outer fields of consciousness.

We endeavor to host classes, workshops, conversations, art shows, and related events that attract people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

We strive to provide a space that is free of dogma and value judgments.

Our goal is to focus on experiences, resources, data, information, and community. We trust you to practice discernment – to make the interpretations, judgments, and choices you want to make.

You are the Author and Authority of Your Life.

I believe we are a species with amnesia, I think we have forgotten our roots and our origins. I think we are quite lost in many ways. And we live in a society that invests huge amounts of money and vast quantities of energy in ensuring that we all stay lost. A society that invests in creating unconsciousness, which invests in keeping people asleep so that we are just passive consumers or products and not really asking any of the questions.

― Graham Hancock


Our focus is hosting and facilitating a variety of different types of events – including workshops, classes, outings, conversations, and performances.

Just click on the Events link at the top to see what’s currently in the works.